Eesha’s 19th Birthday

Happy birthday Eesha!We celebrated Eesha’s 19th birthday with little more fanfare than usual. Tanvi was already preparing a special greeting for her favorite Tai. For the greeting, she made collage of selected Eesha’s photos. She was doing this while Eesha was away so that she does not know about it! Then she also urged Gauri to With dear mother! Yeah, Gauri is all smiles!make home made cake for Eesha. Tanvi enthusiastically decorated the cake. When it came to cake cutting once again Tanvi was with Eesha. We all sang birthday song for Eesha and ate the cake pieces. Later we went to Hotel Sawai on Sinhagad Road for lunch. In the evening, Eesha’s friends came and made lot of danga, masti and noise. They brought WS Baker’s cake as well with them. It was absolutely memorable day for Eesha. See all the fun and action here.

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