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Nostalgia – Karla Cycle Trip – December 1984!

Dec 1, 1984 - Sanju showing board of caution before climbing down Borghat. In those days, there was no expressway but just a two lane road including in the ghats!!! L-R - Sanju, Rajan, Ashish and VallabhThis trip is from our engineering college days. It’s close to our heart! A year before, we cycled from Mumbai to Pune but that time, we did not carry any camera. To commemorate 1 year of Pune Cycle Trip, we decided to once again go up the ghat up to Karla. The same team from last year – Rajan, Ashish, Sanju, Mohneesh and Vallabh – completed this cycle trip. We stayed at the same MTDC Karla resort room A-47 that we stayed in Dec 83 as well! These snaps are clicked by Ashish’s Agfa Click 4 camera.

AamhiMitra Friend’s Meet

We met on Nov 20 in Ashish's house. L-R - Rajan, Abhijeet, Makarand, Sanju K., Ulhas, Avinash, Sanju B and AshishMany from our famous group “AamhiMitra” met on November 20 in Ashish’s house. We had great time in eating, playing and chit chatting together.