Tanvi’s Yogasanas – February 2013

Tanvi in PaschimottanasanTanvi' YogasanasTanvi is now quite proficient in performing rather difficult Yoagasanas. I thought of capturing her Yogasana practice on camera so that it can be shared with the world. Let me give some back ground to Tanvi’s Yoga – Tanvi’s school – Millennium National School – has Yoga as part of compulsory outdoor sports activity since she was in 4th grade I suppose (Now she is a 6th grader). However, as both myself and Gauri observed that she wants to do more than what was being taught in school. Hence since December 2012, we have enrolled her in a Yoga class “Mind and Body Yoga”. Since then, she has entered in several yoga competitions and has won individual rank. In some competitions there is an item called “Artistic Yoga” that is performed in a group. Tanvi has been part of such group that has won rank in state level event as well. The costume she is wearing is specifically designed by her teacher in “Mind and Body Yoga”. When the group performs in this attire, it looks so nice! Of course these kind of designer costumes do not come cheap. If and when Tanvi would be selected for National or International Yoga competition, she would have to get another designer costume only for that competition! 

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