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Our 2014 Year End GTG in Malshej Ghat

2014 year end AamhiMitra GTG venue was finalized as Malshej Ghat about a month in advance. Rajan booked 15 bed dormitory accommodation at MTDC Flamingo Resort, Malshej. Usually this location is most preferred during monsoon as thousands throng Malshej Ghat and enjoy exceptional scenery and waterfalls all along the winding ghat road. Ulhas and Avinash had experience with this resort before so without second thought we decided to go with it. We decided that weekend of 27th December was most suitable for majority of AamhiMitras. Also, this time we decided that one night stay is not good enough and hence we booked resort for two nights – 27th and 28th.

Following were the participants –
Avinash, Vandana, Sumedh
Sanju, Madhvi, Sanvida,
Ulhas, Swati, Rutuja
Gopal, Radhika
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Matheran AamhiMitra GTG–March 2011


DSC03382Long awaited AamhiMitra GTG finally happened on March 12 and 13th, 2011. We met in Hotel Ashok in Matheran. Although our get together was of short duration, we enjoyed it thoroughly. Avinash, Sanju B, Sanju K, Satish and Rajesh came from Kalyan side while Makarand and myself joined from Pune. We missed company of Ulhas and Ashish who could not make it for this GTG. Click pictures alongside or here.

Nostalgia – Karla Cycle Trip – December 1984!

Dec 1, 1984 - Sanju showing board of caution before climbing down Borghat. In those days, there was no expressway but just a two lane road including in the ghats!!! L-R - Sanju, Rajan, Ashish and VallabhThis trip is from our engineering college days. It’s close to our heart! A year before, we cycled from Mumbai to Pune but that time, we did not carry any camera. To commemorate 1 year of Pune Cycle Trip, we decided to once again go up the ghat up to Karla. The same team from last year – Rajan, Ashish, Sanju, Mohneesh and Vallabh – completed this cycle trip. We stayed at the same MTDC Karla resort room A-47 that we stayed in Dec 83 as well! These snaps are clicked by Ashish’s Agfa Click 4 camera.

AamhiMitra Friend’s Meet

We met on Nov 20 in Ashish's house. L-R - Rajan, Abhijeet, Makarand, Sanju K., Ulhas, Avinash, Sanju B and AshishMany from our famous group “AamhiMitra” met on November 20 in Ashish’s house. We had great time in eating, playing and chit chatting together.